About Me

I started taking up music more actively when we formed the band IMPADE in the year 2011. Even then for me, sound engineering and recording was fascinating and I was really intrigued. My first sound experiments began in that period.

For me the work of a sound engineer resembles a perfect symbios between the technical and creative parts of music. I love experimenting and creating sounds with character. I'm not affraid to put in extra effort for the goal to be achieved! I would describe my approach as artistic but with technical motivation. Low quality and drum samples irritate me. I try to push myself and the artists to our creative boundaries and beyond. I'm always friendly and postive so that we can achieve the best result we can. I think that the link between an artist and the engineer is how the "magic" works in the studio. For me every recording is like a little adventure. You can often see me around the studio with strange microphones and unusual equipment and with a tape measure, with which I meticulously measure distances.


  • Album IMPADE - “Compendium De Terra” - sound engineer
  • Album Escape From Inferno - “Fragments of a Fragile Eternity” - recording, mix and master
  • Single - In Between - “The Light at Night” - recording and mix
  • Single - In Between - “Five Years Younger” - recording and mix
  • Single - Rejuvenation - “The Conditioned Quest” - mix and master
  • A many others, including life recordings.