Recording room

Our recording room is separated in 2 halfs - absorptive and reflective. This design gives us freedom when we are creating sounds. The room is big enough for a whole band to play and record. The special design for recording provides the possibility of a more precise sound.

Dimensions: 380cm x 620cm x 280cm

Absorptive side:



Reflective side:


Control room

Our control room is used for recording and mixing. The room is acoustically treated for maximum accuracy of the sound. The equipment that we have can be seen here.

Dimensions: 410cm x 420cm x 280cm

Second Control room

The second control room is specifically designed for the speakers that are built into the absorptive part of the room. This design eliminates the unnecessary vibrations and sound reflections, giving the most precise reference fidelity. The purpose of the second control room is the finalizing process of the post-producion - mastering. The equipment that we have can be seen here.

Dimensions: 280cm x 540cm x 230cm


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