Multilingual dubbing and audio production

Quality sound is a key element of a good audio or video product. No matter the type, duration and theme of your video or audio material, our team will help to convey the message and mood of the music and voice in the best way.

We record and produce voiceovers for audio books, commercials, online training, video tutorials, documentaries, corporate materials and IVR (interactive voice menus) for private and business clients.

We prepare professional dubbing in acoustically treated halls with quality equipment. We have a diverse multilingual catalog with voices in Bulgarian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Croatian, Polish, Albanian, Slovenian and many others.


We offer professional studio recordings of albums and singles in acoustically treated rooms. We have an excellent set of microphones and equipment to cover all your needs.

We also make demo recordings of solo artists and groups, and all artists can be present in the acoustic booth and record together. We make recordings for radio and television, film music, commercials, jingles, audiobooks and more.

We place great emphasis on the quality of the recordings because they are the source material for all other stages of post-production. The better and more well thought out the original recording, the faster and easier the desired end effect will be achieved.


Editing is a key stage in the post-production process so that a song/album or other audio material can sound clean, tight and professional.

During the Editing phase, the audio file is edited, such as:

  • Choose the best audio tracks
  • Eliminate breaths, coughing, ringing the phone, or any other unwanted sound
  • Eliminate repetitive dialogues or sounds
  • Add intro / out music
  • Stretching/shortening audio and sound effects according to the length of the video material.
  • Connect audio recorded in different sessions
  • Quantization
  • AutoTune - computer correction of voice or music performance

Mix & Mastering

Blending gives access to each individual instrument and element in a song, creating a balance between them. The mastering gives the final polishing and overall sound of the song.

Mixing and mastering are the stages in which a song/album or audio material is given a finished look. Our engineers will help you convey your vision and emotional message in the way you want most. With their help, you will turn a good song into great work.

We offer high-quality mix and master, and the recordings do not have to be made with us.

Participation in the Mixing Process

Become part of the process of processing and mixing the vocals for your song, working with our experienced engineers in the studio!

Participate in the selection and processing of the best takes of your recording, as well as actively participate in the final stages of mixing. This way you will be able to follow the whole process and guide it in the desired direction.

The duration of work with the audio engineer varies depending on the complexity of the song and the end result you are looking for. The service costs BGN 50 per hour.

Vocal recording session with proffesional vocal coach.

Our professional vocal coach will be in the studio during the recording session.

His valuable advises will help reduce the tension of the recording and contribute to the best possible result.

The service costs 40BGN and is only available as an addition to a gift voucher or a standard recording session in the studio.

Drum samples recording

Make composing new songs much faster, easier and accurate by using professionally recorded samples of every part of your drum set. That way you'll always have the drum sound you've come to know, like and expect in your songs.

Within a 30 min session you can record your drum samples, which you will receive in processed and raw audio versions. The service costs 80BGN and is only available as an addition to a standard studio recording session.

Video Production

We offer professional video recording of your performance in our studio. This includes video editing and production.

The Video Production service is an easy and affordable way to create a music video to be used to promote a song, album or other audio product.


As music producers, we can observe all aspects of creating a song or an album. This may include choosing a song, choosing musicians, instruments or vocalists, and how they all recreate a common vision.

We can help by sharing your vision for the song or album with all the actors involved - the audio engineer, the musicians, the singer - in a way that makes the best of them. We will control the quality of the whole recording process and will cooperate with arrangement, composition, mixing and mastering. We can also help with ideas, creativity and objectivity.

Film Music Composition & Sound Design

We work with experienced composers who can create the most appropriate soundtrack for games, jingles, movies, commercials or any other multimedia product of yours. This will give uniqueness to your project and achieve a strong impact on the audience.

Another tool for creating a certain acoustic environment and mood in your multimedia projects is through sound design. It is the process of recording, processing or generating audio elements, sounds and effects. They will reinforce your message and raise the quality of your final product.

Voucher for music recording and production

One of the most wonderful gifts you can give a loved one is to give him music. At Urban House Studio we offer the opportunity to give an unforgettable experience to a friend with our vouchers for recording and music production. The recorded song will leave a great memory that you will always be able to enjoy in time. See more here.

Studio recording for enthusiasts

Recording in a professional recording studio is a wonderful experience, suitable for all those who love to play music, even just an amateur. You don't have to be a professional musician to enjoy the magic of perfect acoustics and the recording process. See more here.

Hire a session musician

An experienced musician can help you develop your music and give it the finished sound you are looking for. You can use session musicians to help with arrangement, composition, concert performances, recording a demo, single, album and more. See more here.


Sound recording and audio production are personalized services that depend on many factors and therefore we set prices only individually after an inquiry. Contact us at [email protected].


Най-доброто студио в София! Винаги е удоволствие да записваш там. Страхотна атмосфера, невероятни хора и оборудване.

Георги Иванов клиент

Страхотна комуникация с хората от екипа в студиото. Чист професионализъм. Благодарим на Мелина и Неди, и на всеки, който е замесен.

Аделина Рудова артист/музикант

Беше наистина удоволствие да записваме в Urban House Studio. Екипът от усмихнати професионалисти направи преживяването още по-незабравимо и резултатите бяха невероятни. Благодаря ви, ще се върна отново! :)

Ели Александрова артист/музикант

Най-доброто студио!!! Определено препоръчвам! Песента стана за по-малко от седмица и е перфектна! ☺️☺️

Роби Азалиа артист/музикант

Прекрасно студио. Неди е великолепен, работата е прекрасна и магията на чистата любов, която се случва в Urban House е невероятна. Опитайте, дори да нямате нужната смелост, и ще научите много за музиката и за себе си.

Добрин Юнгарев артист/музикант

Имах невероятно преживяване! Студиото е наистина невероятно и професионално. Хората от екипа - усмихнати и мили и знаят какво правят. Наистина много го харесах.

Ива Тодорова артист/музикант

Горещо препоръчвам звукозаписното студио. Момчетата и момичетата, техниката, качеството и отношението са на най-високо ниво и е удоволствие да се работи с тях!!!

Петък Бултрас

Приятно студио с усмихнати лица, които определено влагат старание в работата си. :) Харесва ми!

Силвия Ангелова

Много добри професионалисти! Работят бързо и качествено. Силно препоръчвам! :)

Венцислав Дуков

Прекрасни, такантливи млади хора! Очарование и удивително време пекарано с тях в звукозаписното студио! Ще се възползвам пак! Удивете се и вие!

Възраждане - Касис ООД

Мотивирани и вдъхновяващи хора. Безспорни професионалисти. Благодаря им сърдечно!

Илиана Христова

Това е едно от най-добрите звукозаписни студия в София.Супер модерна техника в съчетание с абсолютно професионален екип и атмосфера винаги води до отлични резултати.

Гергана Рускова

Добро местоположение, много приятен екип, висококачествено студийно оборудване и чудесно място за записване на музиката! Силно препоръчвам!

Иван Иванов

Чудесно звукозаписно студио с приятелски настроен персонал. Лесно е да се намери, добро оборудване, определено бих го препоръчал!

Joanna J.

Ако все още обсъждате, кое е най-доброто звукозаписно студио за вас - Urban House е точното място! Наистина приятна атмосфера!

Михаела Стефанова

Най-доброто звукозаписно студио с модерно оборудване и професионален персонал.

Мария Севова

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